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    "Subtitle":"Back-end as a service",
    "Tagline":"Bake your back-end in 60 seconds",
    "Description":"Bakend is a headless CMS tailored for developers but so much more!
        You need a prototype for your million dollar business idea? ✓ Check!
        You need a full blown production ready API? ✓ Check!
        You need a mock API for testing? ✓ Check!
        We've got you covered.
        Create your API in just a couple of clicks and cut your time to market.",
        "Content Schemas - model your domain through UI.",
        "Relationships - support for different types of content relationships.",
        "Taxonomies - create your own content hierarchies.",
        "Websocket messages - coming soon.",
        "Events - system and user defined events.",
        "Integrations - S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sendinblue, Mailchimp and more to come.",
        "Push notifications - coming soon."
    "CreatedBy":"Sasa Blagojevic"